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Provision of Granite Engraving Services

État Attribué

Numéro de sollicitation 841-2022

Date de publication

Date de l’attribution du contrat

Valeur du contrat

104,175.00 CAD


    Ce contrat a été attribué à :

    Larsen's Memorials
    D2.1 The Work to be done under the Contract shall consist of the provision of granite engraving services, including the supply of Black Granite Memorial Book Plaques for the City Cemeteries Branch, for the period from date of award until January 31, 2025, with the option of three (3) mutually agreed upon one (1) year extensions.
    D2.1.1 The City may negotiate the extension option with the Contractor within ninety (90) Calendar Days prior to the expiry date of the Contract. The City shall incur no liability to the Contractor as a result of such negotiations.
    D2.1.2 Changes resulting from such negotiations shall become effective on February 1st of the respective year. Changes to the Contract shall not be implemented by the Contractor without written approval by the Contract Administrator.
    D2.1.3 Bidders are advised that, in future, the City may be participating in collaborative procurement initiatives with other levels of government. Accordingly, extensions to this Contract may not be exercised.
    D2.2 The major components of the Work are as follows:
    (a)The collection, engraving and return delivery of Granite Niche Plaques.
    (b)The onsite engraving of various existing installed memorial products, at any of the City ofWinnipeg cemeteries; Transcona, St Vital and Brookside Cemetery locations.
    (c)The supply, engraving and delivery of Black Granite Memorial Plaques.
    D2.3 The Work shall be done on an "as required" basis during the term of the Contract.
    D2.3.1 The type and quantity of Work to be performed under this Contract shall be as authorized from time to time by the Contract Administrator and/or Users.
    D2.3.2 Notwithstanding C7.4, the City shall have no obligation under the Contract to purchase any quantity of any item in excess of their actual operational requirements.
    D2.4 Notwithstanding D2.1, the type and quantity of Work to be performed under this Contract is subject to annual approval of monies therefore in a budget by Council. Bidders are advised that monies have been approved for work up to and including December 31, 2022.
    Adresse de l’entreprise
    1801 Notre Dame Avenue
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 3E5
    Méthode d'approvisionnement
    Concurrentielle – Invitation ouverte à soumissionner

    Durée du contrat

    La durée du contrat sera de 22 mois, entre le 2023/03/14 et le 2025/01/21.

    Accords commerciaux

    • Accord de libre-échange canadien (ALEC)
    • Accord économique et commercial global (AECG) entre le Canada et l’Union européenne (UE)
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    Organisation contractante

    The City of Winnipeg
    185 King Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1J1
    Autorité contractante
    Ekie Oseghale
    Numéro de téléphone
    Adresse courriel
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