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Numéro de sollicitation W7707-145734/A

Date de publication

Date et heure de clôture 2014/10/07 13:00 HAE

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    Entente sur le commerce : Accord sur le commerce intérieur (ACI)
    Processus de demande des soumissions : Tout fournisseur
    intéressé peut présenter une soumission
    Pièce jointe : Aucune
    Stratégie d'approvisionnement concurrentielle : Meilleure 
    proposition globale
    Entente sur les revendications territoriales globales : Non
    Nature des besoins : 
    Collier, Susan
    Telephone No. - (902) 496-5350 
    Fax No. - (902) 496-5016
    Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Atlantic Research
    Centre require one (1) Departmental Individual Standing Offer
    (DISO) for Maritime Human Factors support to assist in the
    conduct of research related to human factors in the maritime
    domain on an 'as and when' required basis through a Standing
    Offer. Work under the Standing Offer will support behavioural
    and cognitive sciences research in various maritime contexts.
    The Standing Offer would support all Centres within Defence R&D
    The scope of the proposed work is to provide support to human
    factors research and development associated with maritime
    operations, as and when required. 
    The standing offer comprises the following Occupational
    Categories: Physical, Cognitive, Modelling and Simulation,
    Analysis and Design, Workload and Task Analysis, Test,
    Evaluation and User Groups, Human Systems Integration, Training
    and Learning, System Safety and Survivability, and Project
    Human factors support could include, but is not limited to:
    human factors analysis; work domain analysis, cognitive
    requirements analysis; development of design concepts for
    maritime command, control, communication and information (C3I)
    systems; physical ergonomics requirements analysis and design;
    prototyping design concepts; simulation of existing and
    conceptual C3I maritime systems; human performance modelling;
    whole crew modelling; human in the loop experimentation and
    human performance evaluation. 
    Individual requirements could include, but are not limited to,
    the following:
    Developing research plans including but not limited to, methods,
    approaches, techniques, analyses, risks, risk mitigations, and
    Conducting reviews of scientific and military literature on
    topics related to human factors in the maritime domain. Example
    topics are: interface design for maritime systems; human factors
    and information displays; visualization of information;
    automation; decision support for maritime C3 systems; crewing
    platforms and whole-ship crewing. 
    Conducting data collection through the use of human factors
    engineering (HFE) methods. Examples might be, using HFE
    techniques to support knowledge elicitation, and task and
    cognitive task analyses.
    Conducting data collection through human in the loop
    experimentation. Designing and conducting human in the loop
    experiments to assess human performance in maritime environments
    and/or platforms. 
    Recruiting and scheduling Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and
    participants for interviews or human research experiments. This
    activity may include reimbursing participants (the monetary
    amount for reimbursement shall not exceed that defined under the
    DRDC Human Research Guidelines [1]).
    Developing scenarios to support data collection. Examples are,
    paper and pencil format to support data collection through
    interviews or table-top exercises, or software-based scenarios
    to augment the realism and fidelity of operator displays in a
    laboratory setting. 
    Providing expertise in building simulations and modelling
    environments to support the modelling of individual human
    performance and whole team performance and/or options analysis.
    Designing and administering interview protocols, surveys, and
    Collecting, formatting, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative
    and qualitative data, including data attained through field and
    sea trials. The contractor may be required to collect human
    performance data during field or sea trials.
    Reporting results of tests and evaluations, including methods
    used, as well as any limitations of results.
    Providing recommendations and guidance both to DRDC and to the
    Canadian Forces based on results of studies, in the form of
    reports and verbal presentations.
    Providing interim reports, and final reports, on work conducted.
    Following is an example project that includes many of the tasks
    that may be required to be performed under this Standing Offer.
    Numbers in brackets [ ] refer to the list of individual
    requirements above:
    The project assignment is to provide recommendations for the
    optimal number of crew required to operate a new sonar system on
    a Canadian submarine. A structured research plan is drawn up
    that includes methods, metrics, approaches, timelines, etc. [1]. 
    The project requires an in-depth understanding of current crew
    assignment to stations and the functionality of an existing
    sonar system, as well as a detailed understanding of the
    functionality of the new sonar system [2]. Human factors
    engineering methods are applied [3; 8] to elicit knowledge and
    information about the new and old systems from Subject Matter
    Experts [5]. To further the knowledge base, documentation on the
    operation of the current and new systems are reviewed [2]. A
    comprehensive task analsysis for the existing system is built
    [3], and a function analysis is built for the new system [3]. 
    To understand how operators use the system, and to compare
    baseline human performance to operation of the future system, a
    human in the loop study is designed and conducted [4]. An
    operational scenario is built [6] to support the study. Measures
     of performance are identified and appropriate tools for data
    collection chosen and/or designed [1]. Using the scenario and an
    existing team trainer that mocks up the complete as-is sonar
    room, human performance data is collected while the crew mans
    the sonar room over a 2-day simulated operation. Examples of
    data collected include: latency and accuracy on tasks; measures
    of workload and alertness of the crew during the course of the
    operation [9]. 
    A comparison study is conducted using the same scenario and
    measures of performance with operators manning the new sonar
    system [4]. Options for crewing the new system are generated and
    tested [9].
    Modelling of workload for crew members is completed [7] and
    various options for crewing with the new sonar system are
    constructed and tested. Modelling the effect on whole ship crew
    and tasks of different crewing options [7] is also constructed.
    The data is analyzed, synthesized and interpreted and the
    findings collated to provide recommendations on the number of
    crew required to optimally use the new submarine sonar system
    [10; 11;12]. 
    Interim reports are delivered throughout the project and a final
    report is provided at project end [12].
    Work may draw on diverse expertise, including: human factors,
    human factors engineering, cognitive psychology, system
    analysis, software design and development, human factors
    interface design, concept development, survey design, data
    collection and analysis, human in the loop experiment design;
    human performance simulation and modelling, crew modelling,
    physical space simulation, and software development.   
    [1]		DRDC Toronto guidelines for compensation of subjects
    participating in research studies. DRDC Toronto Research Centre
    TM 2008-138. See Annex F.
    The period for placing call-ups against the DISO will be from
    date of issuance of the DISO to 31 March 2018.
    Offer evaluation will be based on Mandatory Technical and point
    rated evaluation criteria and price. The responsive offer with
    the highest total overall points will be recommended for
    issuance of a standing offer.
     "There is a security requirement associated with this
    requirement.  For additional             information, consult
    Part 6 - Security, Financial and Insurance Requirements, and
    Part    7A - Standing Offer. For more information on personnel
    and organization security            screening or security
    clauses, offerors should refer to the Canadian Industrial
    Security  Directorate (CISD), Industrial Security Program of
    Public Works and Government       Services Canada
    (http://ssi-iss.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/index-eng.html) website. "
    At the Request for Standing Offers closing date, the following
    conditions must be met:
    (a)	the Offeror must hold a valid organization security
    clearance as indicated in Part 7A - Standing Offer;
    (b)	the Offeror's proposed individuals requiring access to
    classified or protected information, assets or sensitive work
    site(s) must meet the security requirement as indicate in Part
    7A - Standing Offer;
    (c)	the Offeror must provide the name of all individuals who
    will require access to classified or protected information,
    assets or sensitive work sites;
    (d)	the Offeror's proposed location of work performance or
    document safeguarding must meet the security requirement as
    indicated in Part 7A - Standing Offer;
    (e)	the Offeror must provide the address(es) of proposed
    location(s) of work performance or document safeguarding as
    indicated in Part 3 - Section IV Additional Information.
    2.	For additional information on security requirements, offerors
    should refer to the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate
    (CISD), Industrial Security Program of Public Works and
    Government Services Canada
    (http://ssi-iss.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/index-eng.html) website.
    Offerors must submit a list of names , or other related
    information as needed, pursuant to section 01 of Standard
    Instructions 2006 and 2007.
     "For services requirements, Offerors in receipt of a pension or
    a lump sum  payment must provide the required information as
    detailed in article 3 of     Part 2 of the Request for Standing
    Offers (RFSO)."
    This requirement is subject to the provisions of the Agreement
    on Internal Trade (AIT).
    This requirement is subject to a preference for Canadian goods
    and/or services.
    This requirement is subject to the Controlled Goods Program.
    INQUIRIES: All inquiries of a technical nature and all questions
    of a contractual nature are to be submitted to the Contracting
    Authority: Susan Collier, telephone (902) 496-5350, facsimile
    (902) 496-5016, e-mail susan.collier@pwgsc.gc.ca. Inquiries are
    to be made in writing and should be received no less than five
    (5) calendar days prior to the closing date to allow sufficient
    time to respond.
    This PWGSC office provided services to the public in English.
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    langues officielles du Canada.

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    Organisation contractante

    Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada
    11, rue Laurier, Phase III, Place du Portage
    Gatineau, Québec, K1A 0S5
    Autorité contractante
    Collier, Susan
    Numéro de téléphone
    (902) 496-5350 ( )
    (902) 496-5016
    1713 Bedford Row
    Halifax, Nova Scot, B3J 3C9

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    Ministère de la défense nationale
    101, promenade Colonel By
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A0K2
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