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Titre de l'avis d'appel d'offres: Services professionnels centrés sur les tâches et les solutions – 2.6 Expert-conseil en gestion du changement et 2.15 Expert-conseil en animation de groupe - Niveau 2 (intermédiaire)

Date de publication 2023/08/01

Date et heure de clôture 2023/09/05 14:00 HAE


Site Web de l’entreprise https://www.evergreentransformation.com

20 years of Organizational Change Management Consulting

Evergreen Transformation and Change is an exceptional business transformation consulting company that is determined to stand out from all the rest of the industry by providing more than just routine transformation and completing tasks by the deadline. We've helped companies like Deloitte, Clorox Corp, and Duke Energy develop and implement their transformation and change initiatives so they can avoid the risks of negative fiscal impacts of failed projects and business strategies. We have over 20 years of business transformation consulting for US and Global organizational leaders rolling out technology adoptions and strategic implementations to over 100K employees in order to increase productivity, reduce employee turnover and maximize their projected financial gains. We apply proven frameworks, tools and methodologies for leading and facilitating complete organization, process and transformational change efforts. We support agile change strategies that are customized to fast track go-to-market initiatives. Executive/Business Leaders - receive a trusted partner to help operationalize their vision, realign organizational structures, coach leaders, streamline processes, and develop high performing teams. IT Program Managers - gain project, product, and process team support with effective change management strategies that lead to successful implementation.

Prénom Vivian


Nom de famille Johnson

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Business and Digital Transformation Strategy Expert/Principal Consultant


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