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Titre de l'avis d'appel d'offres: BC Food Hub Network Sustainability Plan

Date de publication 2023/08/03

Date et heure de clôture 2023/09/05 15:00 HAE

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Consultation to upcylce waste into value-added products

Regenerative Waste Labs aims to create a world where we regenerate waste into healthy and safe products for people and the planet. We are a circular economy research consulting firm that provides specialized services to help businesses develop circular products and implement regenerative processes. We are committed to being a reliable and innovative partner for organizations seeking to embrace circular and regenerative practices. Our team specializes in compost science, biomaterials, and organic waste regeneration. We offer services to help businesses implement sustainable processes that regenerate waste into value-added resources, including waste regeneration feasibility studies, environmental health assessments, ecological performance testing. Our waste regeneration feasibility studies evaluate the circular economy potential of waste streams, including an assessment of the economic viability, cost analysis and potential revenue streams. We include stakeholder engagement and social impact studies to examine any social and environmental justice considerations.

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