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Titre de l'avis d'appel d'offres: IA-AI Liste des fournisseurs pour de l’intelligence artificielle

Date de publication 2019/01/15

Date et heure de clôture 2025/01/15 14:00 HNE

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AI and machine vision for manufacturing

Pleora's Vaira platform helps manufacturers digitize, automate, and upgrade error-prone manual processes and decisions to boost productivity and increase profits. The camera-based solution is powered by a scalable suite of shop floor-ready apps built on proven machine vision and AI expertise for frontline manufacturing operations, with two-way integration to resource planning tools to help drive continuous analysis, insight, and improvements. Pre-packaged inspection and traceability apps add decision-support for quality control and assembly processes. Inspections apps quickly highlight product differences, with integrated AI skills that are uniquely trained on an operator’s initial decisions to ensure consistent, repeatable processes across multiple lines. In comparison, AI algorithm training typically requires numerous images and costly, time-consuming integrator or designer support. For work instructions, the app integrates inspection quality control with visual operator direction to guide processes and ensure steps are correctly performed. Data gathered by Vaira, including product images and operator notes, can be stored locally or in the cloud and accessed by other apps for tracking and traceability. As a manufacturer digitizes operational steps they start to gather, store, and share data that can improve additional processes. Vaira includes two-way communication with MES and ERP systems for data collection, analysis and continuous improvement efforts.

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