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System vision designer of field upstream railway studies

We envision a future where regional rail is a cornerstone of transportation systems, providing affordable & sustainable options for travel. Our mission is to develop & run a world class responsible regional rail transportation system that is reliable, efficient, & environmentally sustainable for its passengers. Our teams integrate both technical experts with a very good vision system but also former project owners who have been in charge of Passenger Railway project management teams. This allows us to work alongside many railway owners or organizing authorities. Currently, we are developing the following projects: 1) Bi-lateral Calgary to Billings Montana regional travel system linking travellers to Yellowstone, Glacier, Waterton & Banff National Parks, 2) Calgary to Edmonton Regional Rail project linking Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton airports to 22 municipalities over a 300 km RoW, 3) Triangle Railroad project linking Austin, San Antonio & Mission TX to Monterrey MX. It is essential to have an ability to work in a team & to fit into an existing organization on these mission critical projects. ARR & its partners are very attentive to the constraints of the client, & to the evolution of the project and its challenges, in order to propose relevant and adapted solutions. ARR absorbs and effectively analyzes mission critical information and works with local authoritis and right of way owners to synthesize a unique profitable solutions for each participant.

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