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  • le dimanche, 26 mai de 19h45 à 21h45 (heure de l’Est) 

To70 Aviation Canada

est intéressé par un partenariat pour cette occasion de marché :

Titre de l'avis d'appel d'offres: Services professionnels d’aviation

Date de publication 2023/04/18

Date et heure de clôture 2023/05/29 14:00 HAE

To70 Aviation Canada détails

Site Web de l’entreprise https://to70.com/

Airport, heliport planning, analysis and advisory service.

To70's mission is to help society and industry address current and future aviation challenges by delivering outstanding, independent consultancy services and research. Our staff include professional engineers, former air traffic controllers, pilots, safety experts and environmental specialists. We perform airport, heliport, and airspace design, planning, forecasting, optimization and safety analysis. With offices located in Asia, Australia, Europe, Central and South America, we have completed thousands of projects including: capacity studies, feasibility studies, aeronautical studies, environmental studies, and safety audits of heliports and airports used for air ambulance operations, tour operations, general and commercial aviation operations. With the aid of real-time and fast-time simulation we can analyze an infinite number of operational scenarios to study demand and capacity needs. With our professional licensed experts in Canada and offices across the globe, we can provide local pragmatic solutions with international support. With an office located in Toronto Ontario, To70's expertise is easily accessible for data gathering, analysis and stakeholder consultation.

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Managing Director (Canada)


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