A7Hz - Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Engineering

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Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Engineering

Specialized in acoustics and vibration engineering, A7hz set two goals: excellence in expertise and providing useful and clear recommendations. We work in the architectural and environmental domains. Already backed by their multiple experiences, our consultants are constantly looking to deepen their knowledge through new methods of measurement and calculation but also looking for new quality materials and innovative solutions. Interacting with other related specialties and the desire to provide an excellent service for our customers enables us to adapt to all types of projects and work organization. We can carry out acoustic and vibration studies for residential/institutional/Commercial building working on acoustic insulation, indoor/outdoor HVAC noise, reverberation, vibrations. We have an extensive experience for acoustic and vibration monitoring and impact studies for construction works. We are a team of 14 engineers and professionals working full-time in acoustic and vibration engineering in Ontario, Quebec and Maritimes.

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