SPICT - Demande pour Services partagés Canada (SPC) - Palier 1 - Outil d'architecture d'entreprise - Qualiware

État Attribué

Numéro du contrat 2B0KBQ0390

Numéro de sollicitation R000113371

Date de publication

Date de l’attribution du contrat

Valeur du contrat

814,165.00 CAD


    Ce contrat a été attribué à :

    Legal Name: CloseReach Ltd.

    This requirement is open only to those TBIPS EN578-170432 Supply Arrangement Holders who qualified under Tier 1 for services in the National Capital Region for the following categories:

    ·P.2 Enterprise Architect (Level 3)

    ·B.6 Business System Analyst (Level 3)

    ·A.7 Programmer/Analyst (Level 3)

    SSC intends to award 1 contract for 1 year. SSC estimates 220 days per resource.

    The following SA Holders have been invited to submit a proposal:

    1. Accenture Inc.
    3. CloseReach Ltd.
    4. CloseReach Ltd., SnapSearch Inc., Bell, Browne, Molnar & Delicate Consulting Inc., IN JOINT VENTURE
    5. Confluence Consulting Inc.
    6. Ernst & Young LLP
    7. Hays Specialist Recruitment (Canada) Inc.
    8. iFathom Corporation
    9. Maverin Inc.
    10. Mindwire Systems Ltd.
    11. Paralucent Inc
    12. PrecisionIT Inc,IDS Systems Consultants Inc., PrecisionERP Incorporated, in JOINT VENTURE
    13. RS Tec Systems Inc
    14. Tato Recruiting Inc., S.I. SYSTEMS ULC, in Joint Venture
    15. Watershed Information Technology Inc., ED-COM Software Inc. and IDEV Solutions Inc. as a contractual Joint Venture

    Description of Work:

    SSC requires the services of one (1) Enterprise Architect and one (1) Business System Analyst to start work after contract award. Additional resources may be required on an “as and when” needed basis.

    Security Requirement:

    Minimum Corporate Security Required: FSC - Reliability

    Minimum Resource Security Required: Reliability

    Contract Authority

    Name: Dusan Adamov

    Phone Number: 613-294-2380

    Email Address: dusan.adamov@ssc-spc.gc.ca


    Inquiries regarding this RFP requirement must be submitted to the Contracting Authority named above. Request for Proposal (RFP) documents will be e-mailed directly from the Contracting Authority to the Qualified Supply Arrangement Holders who are being invited to bid on this requirement. BIDDERS ARE ADVISED THAT “BUYANDSELL.GC.CA” IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF SOLICITATION DOCUMENTS. The Crown retains the right to negotiate with any supplier on any procurement. Documents may be submitted in either official language.

    NOTE: Task‐Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Method of Supply is refreshed three (3) times per year. If you wish to find out how you can be a “Qualified SA Holder”, please contact RCNMDAI.‐NCRIMOS@pwgsc.gc.ca

    Thank you,

    Dušan Adamov

    Internal and Digital Services Procurement (IDSP)

    Enterprise IT Procurement (EITP)

    Shared Services Canada / Government of Canada

    dusan.adamov@ssc-spc.gc.ca / Tel: 613-294-2380

    Services d'acquisitions internes et numériques (SAIN)

    Approvisionnement en TI pour l’entreprise (ATIE)

    Services Partagés Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
    dusan.adamov@ssc-spc.gc.ca / Tel: 613-294-2380

    Adresse de l’entreprise
    Operating Name: CloseReach
    900 Morrison Drive, Suite 204
    Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 8K7
    Méthode d'approvisionnement
    Concurrentielle – Appel d’offres sélectif

    Durée du contrat

    Voir la description ci-dessus pour voir tous les détails.

    Produit – NIBS

    • D302A - Services professionnels, informatique

    Organisation contractante

    Services partagés Canada
    90, rue Metcalfe
    Ottawa, Ontario, K0A 0C3
    Autorité contractante
    Adamov, Dusan
    Numéro de téléphone
    180 rue Kent St
    Ottawa, ON, K1G 4A8

    Organisation(s) d’achat

    Services partagés Canada
    90, rue Metcalfe
    Ottawa, Ontario, K0A 0C3
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